by PT. Lancar Rejeki Berkat Jaya


LRBJ owns and operates:
  • SRP Diving System
  • Air Dive Diving Systems
  • Mixed Gas Diving Systems

All diving equipments supplied for jobs by PT.LRBJ are built, certified, maintained and operated according to IMCA (International Maritime Contractors Association). These may include Dive Control and Diver Control Panel, Twin Lock Deck Decompression Chamber, CCTV, HP and LP Compressors, Launch and Recovery System, Hydraulic Power Pack, and Electrical Generator. All systems are portable, able to be mobilised onto support vessel.

Many optional support equipments for construction, maintenance and inspection are also available:

  • Impact Wrench for Bolt Tensioning
  • Caviblaster for Water Jetting
  • Chisel Hammer
  • Brocco underwater cutting equipment.
  • Air Lift
  • Mud Suction
  • CP Meters
  • MPI Equipments
  • UT, etc